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Hello, I need help.

Damla Pehlivan < at> writes:

> Dear Python Team,
>  I am writing this mail quite emotionally. I asked a new "friend" for help,
> but he laughed. He said it was because I am a girl and this is why I could
> not do it. I want to prove to him and the whole world that I can do it. I
> have a lesson next Monday, so could you please help me with my problem?

That is very nasty. Fortunately Python is not gender-sensitive.

What Operating system do you use? I suppose it probably is Windows or Linux.
And did you use the installer from
These have an IDE that is called IDLE. It is simpler than Pycharm, but it can do the job. So you can try that. If that also gives an error you could try to reinstall Python.

If you are familiar with the command line, then that is also a possibility.
Piet van Oostrum <piet-l at>
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