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UG Announcement - Python Tanzania Community

Dear Listers,

As per requirements, we are pleased to announce the existence of the Python
language community in Tanzania.

Please find below some information and the current developments.

*User Group Details;*

Name: Python Community Tanzania
Mailing list:
Under Other: Africa
First Local Meetings Held: Yes

*Meetings and Events;*

Name: PyCon Tanzania
Under Other: Africa
Organizing Members: 5 - 10

Goal and motivation: To build and sustain while bringing together and
growing the Python language users and community in Tanzania through Python
related meetups, workshops and annual events.

FWIW, Tanzania is a peaceful nation formed out of the political union
between (Tanganyika and Zanzibar ) in the East African Region. The land of
the Serengeti Game Park and the tallest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro.

For more about Tanzania [1]

Community Moderator