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upgrading python on raspbian

On Tuesday 15 October 2019 11:10:41 Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:

> On Tue, 15 Oct 2019 01:30:59 -0400, Gene Heskett
> <gheskett at>
> declaimed the following:
> >On Monday 14 October 2019 12:56:22 Gene Heskett wrote:
> >
> >Continueing this thread, I now have a missing function by name,
> > "units", that is preventing LinuxCNC from running.
> >
> >Where in the python 3 world do I find that function?, which in this
> > case controls what it is fed on to a pyvcp display according to a
> > logic signal that tells it whether the machine is in inches mode, or
> > mm mode?
> 	Well, search your sources for where it is first referenced...
> 	There can only be three "hiding places" for a bare units() function.
> Local file:
> def units(...):
> 	...
> Imported module:
> from module import units
> or
> import module
> units = module.units
> Any other usage should be qualified...
> something.units(...)
I think the hal interpretor hides all that from the user. I've since 
discovered the raspbian-10.1 repo has a "units" but I don't think its 
what hal is looking for when it encounters a "loadusr units" command in 
the config file, and apparently its a silent error. I've now installed 
the repo's version, and am rebuilding LinuxCNC right now just to see if 
it now finds it.
> 	I'd suspect you have the "from m import f" form somewhere, in which
> case you now need to find out what has changed in module "m" that
> resulted in removing the function.
> NOTE: "from m import *" would not explicitly list it -- which means
> you need to compare any module using such a * import for changes from
> the version that used to work.
Sounds like not fun. :)

Thanks Dennis.
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Cheers, Gene Heskett
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