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Hello, I need help.

Are you trying to run your program, PyCharm, or the python console?

Thank you.

On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 12:01 PM Damla Pehlivan < at> wrote:
> Dear Python Team,
> First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Damla Pehlivan, and I
> live in Ankara/Turkey. I am a university student at Ankara University. My
> major is Biology; therefore, I want to learn Python to use for Data
> Science. When I researched and asked my professors, they suggested me to
> learn Python.
>  Sadly, I am quite a beginner but I downloaded the python program, and I
> also downloaded Pycharm to use it. To be fair, I do not know what I am
> doing, but I made some progress last night and I was happy about it. Today
> when I came back from university, I realised the program was updated, I
> updated it and now I cannot use it. When I clicked on it, it kept opening
> the modify tab. I did modify it and repaired it. But it kept not opening
> the actual program.
>  I am writing this mail quite emotionally. I asked a new "friend" for help,
> but he laughed. He said it was because I am a girl and this is why I could
> not do it. I want to prove to him and the whole world that I can do it. I
> have a lesson next Monday, so could you please help me with my problem?
>                                                                      With
> kindest regards
> --