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upgrading python on raspbian

On Monday 14 October 2019 12:56:22 Gene Heskett wrote:

Continueing this thread, I now have a missing function by name, "units", 
that is preventing LinuxCNC from running.

Where in the python 3 world do I find that function?, which in this case 
controls what it is fed on to a pyvcp display according to a logic 
signal that tells it whether the machine is in inches mode, or mm mode?

Its in some of the gingerbread video code I do in the after postgui.hal 
file, that takes the number of degrees that the spindle has overshot the 
stop and reverse command due to the inertia of a 50 lb chuck, and 
converts that into either inches or mm's of carriage (z axis) 
overtravel, so I can subtract that when I am tapping a hole, and not 
subtracting it from the depth of threads I'm programming would run the 
tap into the bottom of the hole breaking it off in the hole.

Thats an expense no one needs. Not only is the tap broken, it takes a 
good part of a day to setup an EDM lashup and EDM the central core of 
tap out, leaving the teeth strips to be picked out of the hole with 
tweezers.  The hole is still tapped and won't be damaged, and a part 
that may cost hundreds of dollars is saved. But its far better to not 
make that mistake in the first place.  So where do I find a new "units"?

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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