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Odd delays when cwd is on a network mount

On 14Oct2019 10:06, Tobiah <toby at> wrote:
>On 10/11/19 6:04 PM, Gregory Ewing wrote:
>>Cameron Simpson wrote:
>>>Python's default sys.path includes the current working directory.
>>Only in an interactive session, where it usually makes sense.
>I was only using the REPL for demonstration.  The same delay
>happens when I import a module in a script.  The module file
>is on the local drive.  I only have to have a CWD on the mounted
>drive to experience the 25 second delay.  As I said, the mount
>is over a 5mb connection - it's not wildly quick but it's quite
>usable normally.

If it is that slow, try (assumes linux):

  strace python your_script

It is possible you will get to see where the script stalls. May make 
things more obvious. It the least it will show you where the script is 
looking for things.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>