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question about making an App for Android

Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at> on Fri, 11 Oct 2019 20:05:03
-0400 typed in comp.lang.python  the following:
>* To support my practically unused 8" SCT {especially in cloudy Michigan}{I
>also need to find some sort of battery holders that will fit the fork arms
>-- the originals have cracked at the ends and don't make contact}
># Started with an interest producing ephemerides for comets -- back when
>Sky&Telescope used to produce element sets for comets [and when it was
>thought comets might be elliptical, parabolic, or hyperbolic -- I think
>modern thought is that they are all elliptical, but may be of such a long
>period that no one would ever prove it]; now they just provide finder
>charts. Also, in a former life I was a programmer at a firm that did
>satellite work -- even if I couldn't follow all the math [one book had
>equations that lost me on page three!] it helped to have some understanding
>of things like perturbations and gravitational models of the earth.

	I've been hacking around with what needs to be computed.  As in
"okay,the orbits have different speed at different points on said
ellipse, and so ummm, what does that do to sidereal time?" And so

	And as I've said, "How did they do this without a mechanical
clock?"  I really need to look that part up _first._
pyotr filipivich
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