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Would you be interested in this Python open source project?

On 08/10/2019 11:22, Simon Connah wrote:
> I'm posting this message as a way to gauge interest in the project and 
> to see if it is worth moving forward with. There are probably hundreds 
> of CI/CD tools out there and many more general devops tools but what I 
> want to build is a CI/CD tool that ONLY supports Python 3.6 or greater 
> and only runs on one Linux distribution (my preference is Ubuntu). This 
> way configuration would be much more simple than the vast majority of 
> devops tools which try to support every programming language that is 
> popular (or so it seems) on many different Linux distributions and even 
> Windows and macOS.
> My theory is that if you limit the devops tool to a very limited 
> subsection of the available options the system will be easier to 
> configure for users, more stable, easier to patch bugs in and generally 
> just be a better all around things for Python developers.
> I'd love to hear some feedback on the idea.

I think your reasoning is sound.  I probably wouldn't make a lot of use 
of it, but I live in Embedded Systems land where it's notoriously hard 
to do CI off the target silicon.  Other people living in more tractable 
problem spaces will probably be more enthusiastic.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd