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How to handle '-' in the 'from' part in a "from import" statement?

DL Neil? 2019?10?8???? UTC+8??11?02?20????
> On 8/10/19 3:45 PM, jfong at wrote:
> > For example:
> > from my-dir import test
> > 
> > I know it can be solved by renaming, but any alternative?
> The manual is your friend:
> - import
> - importlib
> (the latter allows modules to be identified by strings)
> However, Pythons has naming rules. If you try to get around them, sooner 
> or later you'll 'forget' and trip yourself up. Recommend your first idea!
> -- 
> Regards =dn

Yes, I had noticed the naming rules. Thank you.

But most of the download from Github has a directory named 'xxxx-master' which causes a trouble sometimes.