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Basic python question


I am new to python and trying to do some basic things with python.  I
am writing a script that runs a df command and I need parts of that
output saved in 2 different variables.  Is this something that can be
done?  I can do this by running multiple df commands but would prefer
to make only one call:

inode_cmd = "/bin/df --output=pcent,ipcent /var| grep -v Use | tr '%' ' '"
output  = subprocess.check_output( inode_cmd,
stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, shell=True )

But this would end up giving me the following:

#df --output=pcent,ipcent /var | grep -v Use | tr '%' ' '
   5   1

I would like variable x to be 5 and variable y to be 1.  Is there a
easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.