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Where can I find libtiff binary for 64-bit windows - for use in conjunction with Python package libtiff

Hi there!
I'm using Python package libtiff on Windows (version 0.4.2) - see also For this package to work well, it requires you to have a libtiff.dll in your PATH. For 32-bits I got my DLL here: (version 3.8.2) and I'm running my code with success.

I would like to run my Python code also with a 64-bit version of Python, so I need a 64-bit of the above-mentioned binary / DLL. My problem is that I can't find any reliable site where it's available for download.

Okay, I have come across several sites where one can download Visual Studio projects to compile libtiff by yourself - not really my piece of cake.

Only from one site I was able to download some binary files: (libtiff binaries, version 4.0.7). However, the archive contains 2 files in folder lib: tiff.dll and tiff.lib. The Python libtiff code does not recognise these binaries. When I rename then to libtiff.dll and libtiff.lib, then it does not also work: AttributeError: function 'TIFFGetVersion' not found. Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong?