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How to only read words within brackets/ parentheses (in .txt file) using Python

A S <aishan0403 at> writes:

> I understand that reading lines in .txt files would look something like this in Python:
> with open('filename','r') as fd:
>    lines = fd.readlines()
> However, how do I run my code to only read the words in my .txt files that are within each balanced parenthesis?
> I am not sure how to go about it, let's say my .txt file contents lines like this:
> kkkkk;
> select xx("xE'", PUT(xx.xxxx.),"'") jdfjhf:jhfjj from xxxx_x_xx_L ;
> quit; 
> The main idea is to read only these portions of the .txt file (i.e. Those within parentheses):

This should work for the outer parenthesis:

import re

p = re.compile(r"\((.+)\)", re.VERBOSE)

with open('filename','r') as fd:
    lines = fd.readlines()
    for line in lines:
        m = p.findall(line)
        for s in m:

Pankaj Jangid