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Python in Blender. Writing information to a file.

I am using Python 3.5 within Blender. I want to collect values of the 
current settings and then write all the results to a file.

I can see the settings and the values in the Python console by doing 
this for each of the settings

|print(?Focal length:?,|

---Focal length: 35.0

or I can do many at a time like this:

|print("Plane rotation 
X:",["Plane"].rotation_euler[0],"\nPlane rotation 
Y:",["Plane"].rotation_euler[1],"\nPlane rotation 

---Plane rotation X: 0.0
---Plane rotation Y: 0.0
---Plane rotation Z: 0.0

My question:
How do I write all the results to a file? I have tried file.write but 
can only write one argument at a time. Is there a better way to open a 
file, write the collected information to it and then close the file?