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On 7/10/2019 10:35 AM, joshua kay wrote:
> Hello,
> i am encountering a issue with python 3.7.2rc1 64 bit currently
> My operating system is windows 10 and every time i try to run my code the
> shell just says:
> == RESTART: C:\Users\joshu\OneDrive\Desktop\python\projects\multi
> ==

You are running your code from an IDLE editor.  The above is what you 
*should* see when you hit F5 or Run => Run Module.  This is not a problem.

If the above is all you ever see, not even a '>>> ' prompt, then the 
almost certain problem is that your program runs 'forever' without 
producing output.  Examples: "while True: pass" will run the cpu at full 
speed, not good; "s = input()" will wait for input forever.  Try putting 
some print statements in your code to determine where it is stuck.

Terry Jan Reedy