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What's wrong on using Popen's communicate method?

eryk sun? 2019?7?7???? UTC+8??12?00?47????
> On 7/6/19, jfong at <jfong at> wrote:
> >
> > In TEMP, there is only one file "chrome_installer.log" dated at the time of
> > doing the upgrade (strange?, why chrome?). No errors in it.
> So the installer doesn't even execute. Do you maybe have an
> anti-malware program that's blocking its execution?  Definitely try
> the 3.6.8 installer. I didn't pay attention to the fact that you were
> trying to install a very outdated version of 3.6. There may have been
> bugs in the installer that were fixed. Always use the most recent
> version possible.

I turn off the anti-virus and tried v3.6.8, get the same result. Usually the anti-virus program will warn me if something was blocked.