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What's wrong on using Popen's communicate method?

eryk sun? 2019?7?6???? UTC+8??2?13?23????
> On 7/5/19, jfong at <jfong at> wrote:
> > Terry Reedy? 2019?7?5???? UTC+8??12?13?25????
> >
> >> Upgrade to 3.7 or 3.8 to get hundreds of bug fixes, let alone new
> >> features.  Both subprocess and multiprocessing have gotten fixes.
> >
> > I can't because my OS is Vista and v3.4 is the last it can run:-( Also
> > the pywin32 can't be installed for it requires v3.5 and up.
> Major versions of Python support Windows versions that have extended
> support from Microsoft at the time of the first release. For Vista,
> extended support ended on 2017-04-11. Python 3.6 was released on
> 2016-12-23, so it supports Vista. Python 3.7, on the other hand, does
> not because it was released on 2018-06-27.

    I tried the python-3.6.1.exe, downloaded from Its release date is March 21, 2017. But it doesn't run, Vista has no response at all.


> Windows 7 has extended support until 2020-01-14, so 3.8 supports it.
> However, system update KB2533623 is required for enhancements to the
> system loader that 3.8 depends on for loading extension modules and
> DLLs.
> > I finally get a solution to switch between two notepads in Python. Here
> > is the codes for someone he may be interested.
> If I have time I'll write a better version since the code you have is
> fragile. But I think you should take others' advice to use a
> cross-platform GUI automation library, so you won't be locked into a
> Windows-only solution.