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Creating a Windows executable on a Linux system

Cecil Westerhof <Cecil at> writes:

> Cecil Westerhof <Cecil at> writes:
>> I need to write a Python desktop program. I create it on a Linux
>> system, but it has to run on a Windows system. When looking at how to
>> create an executable it seems that you need to be on a Windows system
>> to create a Windows executable. Is this true, or is it possible to
>> create a Windows executable on a Linux system?
>> Any pointers about best practice creating a standalone executable are
>> welcome.
> For the moment it is not a problem.
> It is allowed to install Python openpyxl on the systems

Oops, that should have been:
It is allowed to install Python AND openpyxl on the systems

> where this application has to run. Letting the
> application name end on pyw and put a link on the desktop makes it
> work for the people that need to work with it.
> Still interested in getting it to work (for when I get in the
> situation that I have to distribute a Python program where it is not
> allowed to install Python), but it is not urgent anymore.

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer