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tkinter: tk.grid columnspan

On Wed, 5 Jun 2019, Terry Reedy wrote:

> Unless you specifiy otherwise through expand and weight options, grid
> columns are the minimum width required for the widest minimum width of any
> widget in the column.

> The columnspan makes the minimum width of 'description' the minimum width
> of column 1 plus the minimum width of column 2. With nothing else in
> columns 1 and 2, it has no effect.


If I understand you correctly, when a user wants to insert a new row they'll
see the odd spacing of the frame, but when they enter a long string for the
description it will adjust the size and expand to the left.

Alternatively, when a use selects a row from the database table the
retrieved data will fill the description entry widget so column 2's width
will be wider.

Is this correct?