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How to use ssh-agent in windows in python?

? 2019-06-01 7:01, Cameron Simpson ??:
> On 31May2019 21:51, Fc Zwtyds <fczwtyds at> wrote:
>>> ? 2019-05-30 6:41, Cameron Simpson ??:
>>>> The you could just use os.system() to run the other commands, 
>>>> because the environment now has the necessary environment settings.
> [...]
>> ?Under your guidance, the python code using ssh-agent ssh-add has been 
>> running successfully. In addition to the code you wrote to me, I also 
>> refer to man ssh-agent and subprocess: Subprocess management. I now 
>> know the importance of environment variables.
> Excellent. I'm glad to hear it.
>> BTW, this program is for visit youtube.
> I am curious, how do you use the ssh commands to access youtube? I 
> though it was an HTTP only service.
> Cheers,
> Cameron Simpson <cs at>

   Sorry, I have not encountered very difficult problems, I will not 
come here to ask for help. It is because of your help that I will not be 
trapped by this problem for more time.
   Just like accessing google, without the help of ssh, you can't access 
youtube, you should know now.
Thank you again for your selfless help.