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Threading Keyboard Interrupt issue

On 5/29/19, Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at> wrote:
> 	In the OP's example code, with just one thread started, the easiest
> solution is to use
> 	y.start()
> 	y.join()
> to block the main thread. That will, at least, let the try/except catch the
> interrupt. It does not, however, kill the sub-thread.

join() can't be interrupted by Ctrl+C in Windows. To work around this,
we can join a thread with a short timeout in a loop. If we're managing
queued work items with a thread pool, note that Queue.join doesn't
support a timeout. In this case we need to poll empty() in a loop with
a short time.sleep(). Or we can let the main thread block and use
ctypes to install a console control handler that sets a flag that
tells child threads to exit. Windows calls the control handler in a
new thread.