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PEP 594 cgi & cgitb removal

On 24/05/2019 21:23, Terry Reedy wrote:
> I am responding to Paul indirectly because his post did not show up on 
> the gmane mirror.
>> Paul Rubin < at nospam.invalid>:
>>> It also makes me ask why the Python team keeps
>>> adding new stuff if it can't even keep the old stuff running.
> Because the new stuff is expected to be more useful to more people than 
> some of the old modules.? The module proposed for deletion are all or 
> most all more than 20 years old, before there was a PyPI.? Some, like 
> cgi and cgitb were legitimately put in the stdlib.? Others were 
> specialist modules that today would not go in the stdlib.
> Does anyone really think that gopherlib should still be in the stdlib, 
> and that core developers should have to update its docs to explain it to 
> newbies today?

I would want a better reason than "I don't wanna" to remove something 
from stdlib, much as I would want a better reason than "I want it" to 
add something.  I agree that case is pretty much self-evident with 
gopherlib, which honestly would had trouble convincing me it should be 
included in the first place.  I don't think it is at all self-evident 
for cgi and cgitb, even if I wouldn't have written them like that myself ;-)

> My question is why people who value and understand old modules don't 
> volunteer more to help keep them up to date.

As I said (and was apparently misinterpreted), I am considering it.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd