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Why Python has no equivalent of JDBC of Java?

On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 11:10 AM Andrew Z <formisc at> wrote:
> Exactly right. Im not sure why Marco is wondering about native drivers not
> to be a part of python module (for oracle).
> Id be very unhappy, if a python module come with a native drivers for
> something as complex as a database.

I wouldn't be. It's just a client, and sometimes the clients are
pretty simple (see, for instance, the mysql.connector module, which
AIUI is a pure-python implementation of the MySQL wire protocol). The
main reason Python doesn't include any database modules other than
sqlite3 is that there are just way too many of them (PostgreSQL,
MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, etc, etc, etc).

> On a flip side, if you dont need oracle specific features, then maybe u
> should use something basic for data storage. //but thats a different
> discussion

I rather doubt that this is open to discussion. From the sound of
things, the choice of database back end has already been made, and the
Python script just has to cope. Otherwise, PostgreSQL would be an
entirely better alternative.