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On 04/04/2019 12:57, Jack Dangler wrote:
> Hi, all. Just getting started but already have an idea for something to 
> save me some grief
> we have lists of files that reside on a sharepoint site at work that we 
> pick from. These have a variety of data items in them and we need to 
> start the process by copying the entire contents into a local work file 
> and then use that as a part of a runbook to develop the solution to the 
> problem statement (one of the items within the file). I've done the 
> copy/paste on all 31 parts 4 times and I'm already tired. "This would be 
> a good place to learn a little Python" says me. So I figure I can either 
> go the requests route to the sharepoint site and navigate the path to 
> the place where the work items are and then figure out (based on the 
> responses) how to pick the right item and get the data back, or connect 
> to the SP database and work through the schema (assuming I even have any 
> access to the backend database). Has anyone here used Py for extracting 
> item data from SP? Is there a preferred method for this? Thanks for the 
> input - really appreciate the wealth of knowledge here.

My personal experience with SharePoint has always been to use something 
less painful :-)  However, a quick Google turned up two packages in 
PyPI: SharePlum ( and sharepoint 
(  These may do a lot of the heavy 
lifting for you.  I suggest you have a quick browse through the 
documentation and see if it makes sense for your needs.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd