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Hi, all. Just getting started but already have an idea for something to 
save me some grief

we have lists of files that reside on a sharepoint site at work that we 
pick from. These have a variety of data items in them and we need to 
start the process by copying the entire contents into a local work file 
and then use that as a part of a runbook to develop the solution to the 
problem statement (one of the items within the file). I've done the 
copy/paste on all 31 parts 4 times and I'm already tired. "This would be 
a good place to learn a little Python" says me. So I figure I can either 
go the requests route to the sharepoint site and navigate the path to 
the place where the work items are and then figure out (based on the 
responses) how to pick the right item and get the data back, or connect 
to the SP database and work through the schema (assuming I even have any 
access to the backend database). Has anyone here used Py for extracting 
item data from SP? Is there a preferred method for this? Thanks for the 
input - really appreciate the wealth of knowledge here.