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fs package question - cp -p semantics when copying files?

> From a brief look at the docs, there's an on_copy callback to copy_fs.
> Maybe you could use the getinfo/setinfo methods to copy over the
> timestamps and any other file metadata that you want in that callback?

Yes, I had gotten to that point when I first posted to the
PyFilesystem Google Group. I had tried to figure things out before
posting, but hadn't deciphered the docs, source, or test functions. It
seems clear I need to generate a dictionary which maps "namespaces" to
particular values, but the docs are not clear on what the values are.
In particular, it seems the values have different structure for
different aspects of the overall set of attributes I want to modify.

I'll keep horsing around with it. I just thought someone might have
already deciphered this stuff.