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Handy utilities = Friday Filosofical Finking

On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 11:16 AM DL Neil <PythonList at> wrote:
> One of the points which intrigue me is that my colleagues don't keep
> snippets/a library, preferring to remember (hah!) when/where they used
> particular techniques in the past, and copying/duplicating, to fit the
> new system's requirements. Am wondering if this is true beyond our
> little band?

Until I've done something the same way two or three times, I just
recollect and steal. There are a few things that are in the back of my
mind to refactor out and make into libraries, but it's hard when they
aren't actually identical. Otherwise, it waits till there are a few
replicas, and then might get put into a central location somewhere.

Sometimes, I recollect and reference, which creates some very weird
interdependencies until I get around to refactoring...
which gets an API key from the non-sample version of
and the end result of deviquotes is to rebuild this

So running that one script can potentially involve four different
repositories, because I haven't yet made any of the pieces into proper