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Losing words

On 2019-04-01, Chris Angelico <rosuav at> wrote:
> Cool. Please don't post context-free messages though - not everyone
> knows that you were talking about IRC. (Part of that is because your
> subject line didn't mention IRC either.)
I've mentioned it in a mother post mate.

> If you're going to do a lot with IRC, I would recommend either picking
> up a dedicated IRC library, or reading up on the protocol. You'll need
> to understand the exact limitations and restrictions, how to properly
> escape things, etc, etc, etc, if you're going to talk over a plain
> socket. It's not a difficult protocol to use, but you should learn its
> subtleties. (Or just grab a library.)
I don't know im a lot, it's just a training, I've created some script
and just of curiosity checking option of sending messages.

Thanks mate