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Losing words

On 2019-04-01, Rhodri James <rhodri at> wrote:

>>>> I'm learning SOCKETS and working with Irc.
>>>>   -----------------------
>>>>   s.send(bytes("PRIVMSG " + channel +" "+ message + "\n", "UTF-8"))
>>>>   ----------------------------------------
>>>>   When more than one word ( for example: This is a message)
>>>>   in *message* it sends the FIRST word only "This" and skips the rest.

One problem appears to be that you're observing some behavior other
than what you expect (you see X when you expect Y).  You then jump to
the conclusion that your app is sending A instead of B.

>>>>   Any ideas how to solve the problem? I was seating on it on the night
>>>>   but nothing came up.

Two bits of advice:

1) When asking for help, describe the unexpected behavior
   _that_you_actually_see_ not an unconfirmed underlying problem that
   you've assumed is causing that unexpected behavior.

2) If you think your app is sending A instead of B, then use a tool
   like wireshark to determine what your app is actually sending.

> (Try printing out the line you want to send before sending it, and 
> compare it with the example commands in the RFC.)

What he said!  Adding a few print() calls can shed a _lot_ of light on
a problem.

Also: if reading the RFC doesn't help, use wireshark to compare
behavior of an app that works with yours.

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