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"use strict"

[[Replacing snipped context:]]
 > = Abdur-Rahmaan, no indent is me.
On 12/03/2019 11:32, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer wrote:
 > no i mean
 > # *-* use strict *-*


 > program
 >       typovar = x # line y
 > ...
 > Traceback:
 >       on the fly var at line y

Yes, but how is the program supposed to know that typovar is a typo? Are 
you proposing mandatory declarations for all variables, because I think 
you know what the answer to that one will be.
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On 12/03/2019 11:40, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer wrote:
> no just the var you want to track maybe
> _var
> or something like that, i want to solve that problem and this is just a
> proposal

Sorry, I still don't understand.  *What* do you want to mark with 
"_var"?  It that a comment?  A new keyword?  Just a leading underscore? 
Could you give a full example, please?

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd