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Help!!! How to apply my created function to another function


On 11/03/19 8:02 AM, Luuk wrote:
> On 10-3-2019 19:30, djoyceb at wrote:
>> Please see the last line
> When reading above, i was thinking about this joke:
...> ;)

Yes, I had a similar reaction to the wording: why not put *it* first. 
Having lived and worked in many countries/cultures, I try not to demand 
high degrees of English spelling or grammatical competence - and ask 
that natives of such places expect (only) similarly of me, in their 


One of the disadvantages of an interpreted language is that 'things' 
must be defined before they can be 'used' (except in certain specific 
cases). So, it is not possible to execute func( args ) until 'the last 
line' - or more accurately, until *after* the
	def func( params ):

[insert discussion about "single-pass" and "multi-pass" interpreters here]

I often think how much more preferable it would be to begin my programs 
with the 'mainline' and leave the 'compiler' to integrate the mentioned 
functions, classes, modules... 'later'/as-needed - instead of having
	if __name__ == "__main__" :
towards the "last line", and having to find/scroll the editor to start 

[yes, much web-based code has a 'director' as its mainline/.wsgi file; 
and imports routines as (page) handlers!]

When you think about it, Python often says 'see later'/'see the last 
line'. Maybe the 'joke' is on us?

Regards =dn