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Help!!! How to apply my created function to another function

On 10-3-2019 19:30, djoyceb at wrote:
> Please see the last line

When reading above, i was thinking about this joke:
Q: how will you be able to keep a blonde busy for hours?
A: get a paper and write see other side on both sides of the paper

> When I put vectorMagnitude(A), it returns perfectly corrected that means my function create right. But when I try to put vectorMagnitude(B) which I was thinking to put new list from buildRandomVector(A),it returns an error. I have been attempting to import buildRandomVector(A) to a list, but I can not understand why the list can not apply to  vectorMagnitude(B).

> vectorMagnitude(B)  ==>>>> this is problem

Luckily the text 'Please see first line' is missing