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Python resources recommendations


Good advice.
U of M is well done and interesting.

One wonders what Arup plans to use Python for.

I am dabbling and am relearning from DOS and machine language on AppleII.

A K.


On Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 2:09 PM DL Neil <PythonList at>

> Hello Arup,
> On 10/03/19 3:01 AM, Arup Rakshit wrote:
> > Hello Python,
> > This is my first time in this mailing list. I am a Ruby/JS developer by
> day. I have decided to learn Python now this year. Being an experienced
> developer as I said above which resources I should pick to learn Python in
> and out? Currently I am reading this
> <
>> . What next you would
> recommend me after this? I would like to learn Flask once I feel good with
> Python core.
> There is such a wealth of resources to learn Python that this question
> is somewhat difficult to answer.
> Firstly, there is another mailing list 'here', called Python-Tutor.
> Secondly, it depends upon your starting-point and your preferred mode of
> learning.
> Apparently you are a programmer, so you don't need to be told the
> difference between integers and reals/floating-point numbers, and thus
> 'My first programming book using Python' would be ineffectual.
> There are Python courses on all of the major learning platforms, eg edX,
> Coursera, Lynda/LinkedIn, etc. Most of which one may access for $free or
> pay for a certificate (pending tests, assignments, etc). I've recently
> audited a "Py3" course out of U.Mich which features an interesting
> on-line course-book and coding environment (if you head this way, I'll
> be interested to hear feedback!) The same also offer "Dr Chuck's"
> 'Python for Everyone' courseware (videos alongside his "Python for
> Informatics" book).
> There are many, many books - if you ask for specific recommendations you
> will be inundated! The book I used (many years ago, 'Chun') was Python2.
> I recommend that you start with Python3 and not look back! Several
> 'books' are available for download/CC-license. If you have access to a
> library, they're likely to have something, otherwise your favorite
> search engine...
> All the best!
> --
> Regards =dn
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