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Python resources recommendations

Hello Arup,

On 10/03/19 3:01 AM, Arup Rakshit wrote:
> Hello Python,
> This is my first time in this mailing list. I am a Ruby/JS developer by day. I have decided to learn Python now this year. Being an experienced developer as I said above which resources I should pick to learn Python in and out? Currently I am reading this <> . What next you would recommend me after this? I would like to learn Flask once I feel good with Python core.

There is such a wealth of resources to learn Python that this question 
is somewhat difficult to answer.

Firstly, there is another mailing list 'here', called Python-Tutor.

Secondly, it depends upon your starting-point and your preferred mode of 

Apparently you are a programmer, so you don't need to be told the 
difference between integers and reals/floating-point numbers, and thus 
'My first programming book using Python' would be ineffectual.

There are Python courses on all of the major learning platforms, eg edX, 
Coursera, Lynda/LinkedIn, etc. Most of which one may access for $free or 
pay for a certificate (pending tests, assignments, etc). I've recently 
audited a "Py3" course out of U.Mich which features an interesting 
on-line course-book and coding environment (if you head this way, I'll 
be interested to hear feedback!) The same also offer "Dr Chuck's" 
'Python for Everyone' courseware (videos alongside his "Python for 
Informatics" book).

There are many, many books - if you ask for specific recommendations you 
will be inundated! The book I used (many years ago, 'Chun') was Python2. 
I recommend that you start with Python3 and not look back! Several 
'books' are available for download/CC-license. If you have access to a 
library, they're likely to have something, otherwise your favorite 
search engine...

All the best!
Regards =dn