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"How to package additional files under site-packages "

Thank you!
I used get_python_lib() for directory in data_files, and it seem to have worked.

Thanks for your assistance!

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Saba Kauser <skauser at> writes:
> ...
> My package (ibm_db) has LICENSE, and CHANGES files that I want to be available in the same location as my package is installed I.e under site-packages. However, with current, these files get installed under python install path.
> e.g: C:\Users\skauser\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\LICENSE
> I have specified them as:
> data_files = [ ('', ['./']),
>                ('', ['./CHANGES']),
>                ('', ['./LICENSE']) ]
> Setup(
> ..
> package_data = package_data,
>        data_files   = data_files,
>        include_package_data = True,
>       cmdclass = cmd_class,
> ..)
> Since the directory path is empty, these files get copied under current path of execution. However, I want them to be copied under the install location of my package.
> Is there any other way I can achieve this?

As you do not want to follow my example, maybe read the "setuptools" documentation.

There definitely is a way to achieve your goal -- other than my approach. If necessary override parts of the "distutils/setuptools"

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