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how to setup for localhost:8000

On 24Feb2019 19:00, 0x906 <listsen at> wrote:
>>> I am working on window 7 and Python 3.5 to setup a localhost:8000 
>>> but it did not get through as shown below:
>>>> python -m http.server
>>> Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...
>>> But it did not show the results.
>>> Can someone help me how to setup the localhost?
>There is a chance that I missed something with the but I am pretty sure that the localhost IP is

Yeah. is the wildcard address: the server will be listening on 
all the available addresses ( and also any LAN address).

Wen-Ruey may simply be missing that it is just running a web server. To 
actually see anything she/he needs to hit it with a web browser, for 
example with a URL like:

Cameron Simpson <cs at>