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what considerations for changing height of replacement radiator?

looking for a Space heater? sorry, not the Java mailing list

On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 3:11 PM jkn <jkn_gg at> wrote:

> Hi all
>     I'm looking at changing a radiator in a bedroom shortly and wondering
> about
> my options re. sizing.
> The current radiator is 900mm W x 600mm H, and is single panel, no
> convector. So
> looking at some representative specs, let's say 550W output.
> I would be replacing this with a single panel, single convector radiator.
> From
> looking at the spec again, the same sized radiator gives around 50% greater
> output - 900W.
> I am wondering about fitting a 900mm W x 450mm H single panel, single
> convector,
> which would then reduce the output again to 700W or so, similar to the
> original.
> My reason for doing this would simply be 'neater appearance' of the smaller
> radiator, but it wouldn't be a problem if the replacement was the same
> size as
> the original. I am wondering if there is anything else (apart from power
> output)
> that I should be considering here?
> The radiator will be under a window and the CH is an olde school 'plan C',
> I
> think. I would probably fit a TRV in any case. There is no need to heat
> the room
> any better than currently...
> Thanks for any advice.
>     Cheers
>     Jon N
> --