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Python stopped installing packages


Recently I?ve been trying to code a Discord bot in Python 3.6.2, then I realised that some features of were only available in Python 3.7+ (as seen here on the right near the top, so I downloaded 3.7.2. After correctly changing the environmental variables to have Python 3.7.2 before Python 3.6.2, I tried installing (for installing I was using cmd ?pip install, I?m not aware of any other way to install packages) onto Python 3.7.2, but after a few seconds there would be a whole page of red error text (attached), then it would say successfully installed. I tried importing it in code, but it would return errors implying it was incorrectly installed. I asked one of my friends for some help. He suggested uninstalling Python 3.6.2 and 3.7.2 and reinstalling Python 3.7.2. I thought this was a pretty good idea so I did it. still refuses to be installed. I tried installing some of the packages I had in 3.6.2, but they had the same sort of problem. I?ve tried running the installer to repair the files, but that didn?t work. I would appreciate if you could help me. I got from here: I?ve tried the 3 commands in the Installing section and I?ve tried pip install