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(new try) - Running a second wsgi script from within the first wsgi script

On Sun, 09 Sep 2018 18:47:49 -0700, ????? ?????? wrote:

> I have 3 wsgi scripts listening on 3 locations. What i'm trying to run
> an wsgi script from within another wsgi script with the following
> statement.
> page = 'clientele'
> pdata = requests.get( '' + page )
> pdata = pdata.text + counter page = the location of another wsgi app.
> The error i'am getting when for i.e i try to load
> mod_wsgi (pid=7152): Exception occurred processing WSGI script
> '/home/nikos/public_html/'
> OSError: Apache/mod_wsgi failed to write response data: Broken pipe.
> The other script by itself executes normally but NOT from within my
> script.
> Any ideas on how to execute a wsgi app (b) from within a wsgi app(a) and
> store the response as html data?

repeatedly asking the same question will not get you answered any faster
in fact it may simply get you black-listed by many posters

Why are you so hard to ignore?