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[Python-Dev] Standard library vs Standard distribution?

On 29Nov2018 0923, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> I think the whole argument amounts to hand waving anyway.  You are
> inventing an extended distribution which doesn't exist (except as
> Anaconda) to justify that we shouldn't accept more modules in the
> stdlib.  But obviously maintaining an extended distribution is a lot
> more work than accepting a single module in the stdlib, and that's why
> you don't see anyone doing it, even though people have been floating the
> idea for years.

Do I need to keep going?

Accepting a module in the stdlib means accepting the full development 
and maintenance burden. Maintaining a list of "we recommend these so 
strongly here's an installer that will give them to you" is a very 
different kind of burden, and one that is significantly easier to bear.