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[Python-Dev] Experiment an opt-in new C API for Python? (leave current API unchanged)

Le sam. 10 nov. 2018 ? 01:49, Michael Selik <mike at> a ?crit :
>> It uses an opt-in option (Py_NEWCAPI define -- I'm not sure about the
>> name) to get the new API. The current C API is unchanged.
> While one can hope that this will be the only time the C API will be revised, it may be better to number it instead of calling it "NEW". 20 years from now, it won't feel new anymore.

That's exactly why I dislike "New", it's like adding "Ex" or "2" to a
function name :-)

Well, before bikeshedding on the C define name, I would prefer to see
if the overall idea of trying to push code for the new C API in the
master branch is a good idea, or if it's too early and the experiment
must continue in a fork.