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[dev][tc] Part 2: Evaluating projects in relation to OpenStack cloud vision

On Feb 14, 2019, at 8:16 AM, Jay Pipes <jaypipes at> wrote:
> Placement allocations currently have a distinct lack of temporal awareness. An allocation either exists or doesn't exist -- there is no concept of an allocation "end time". What this means is that placement cannot be used for a reservation system. I used to think this was OK, and that reservation systems should be layered on top of the simpler placement data model.
> I no longer believe this is a good thing, and feel that placement is actually the most appropriate service for modeling a reservation system. If I were to have a "do-over", I would have added the concept of a start and end time to the allocation.

Iâ??m not clear on how you are envisioning this working. Will Placement somehow delete an allocation at this end time? IMO this sort of functionality should really be done by a system external to Placement. But perhaps you are thinking of something completely different, and Iâ??m just a little thick?

-- Ed Leafe