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Placement governance switch

Ed Leafe <ed at> writes:

> On Feb 12, 2019, at 11:41 AM, Doug Hellmann <doug at> wrote:
>> Have you talked to the election team about running a PTL election for
>> the new team? I don't know what their expected cut-off date for having
>> teams defined is, so we should make sure they're ready and then have the
>> governance patch to set up the new team prepared ASAP because that
>> requires a formal vote from the TC, which will take a while and we're
>> about to enter TC elections.
> We did realize that it might be cutting it close, as nominations begin on March 5. Since the governance change would not be a new issue, we did not anticipate a lengthy debate among the TC.
> If it turns out that it canâ??t be done in time, so be it, but we at least wanted to try.
> -- Ed Leafe

I'm not suggesting you should wait; I just want you to be aware of the

New project teams fall under the formal vote rules described in the
"Motions" section of the TC charter [1]. Those call for a minimum of 7
calendar days and 3 days after reaching the minimum number of votes for

Assuming no prolonged debate, you'll need 7-10 days for the change to be
approved. If the team is ready to go now, I suggest you go ahead and
file the governance patch so we can start collecting the necessary