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[Openstack] Create a PNDA on openstack


to be honest, I think if you are supposed to work with PNDA and  
OpenStack is your platform, you should at least get an overview what  
components it has and what they are for. No example or screenshot will  
help you understand how those components interact.
The PNDA pages mention OpenStack Mitaka, so you should study the  
respective docs [1]. Different guides for installation, operations and  
administration are available for different platforms (Ubuntu,  
openSUSE/SLES and RedHat/CentOS), pick the one suitable for your  
environment and understand the basics (creating tenants and users,   
neutron networking, nova compute etc.).

In addition to the mandatory services (neutron, nova, glance, cinder)  
you'll need Swift (object storage) and Heat (orchestration).
Maybe you already get an idea, this is not covered with "send me a  
screenshot". ;-)
Another mandatory requirement is a basic understanding of the command  
line interface (CLI), this enables you to access and manage your  
openstack cloud.

A quick search will also reveal some tutorials or videos [3] about the  
basic concepts.



Zitat von Suma Gowda <sumagowda9394 at>:

> i need to create a PNDA on openstack..
> 1. i installed openstack on devstack in vitualbox. ..after that what i have
> to do.. send me the screenshot.. i am beginner to this. What is
> cli,heat..etc..please and one example