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[Openstack] Can any user add or delete OpenStack Swift middleware?

With Storlets, users will be able to create their own applications that are able to run like as a Swift middeleware. The application (currently Python and Java are supported as the language but the
apps can calls any binaries in the workspace) can be uploaded as a Swift object, then, users can invoke them with just an extra header that specifies your apps.

To fit your own use case, we may have to consider to invole or to integrate the system for you but I believe Storlets could be a choice for you.

In detail, Storlets documantation is around there,

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(2018/09/17 8:59), John Dickinson wrote:
> You may be interested in Storlets. It's another OpenStack project, maintained by a Swift core reviewer, that provides this sort of user-defined middleware functionality.
> You can also ask about it in #openstack-swift
> --John
> On 16 Sep 2018, at 9:25, Qiao Kang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm wondering whether Swift allows any user (not the administrator) to
>> specify which middleware that she/he wants his data object to go throught.
>> For instance, Alice wants to install a middleware but doesn't want Bob to
>> use it, where Alice and Bob are two accounts in a single Swift cluster.
>> Or maybe all middlewares are pre-installed globally and cannot be
>> customized on a per-account basis?
>> Thanks,
>> Qiao
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