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[Openstack] [ptg] Interviews at OpenStack PTG Denver

Today I'm conducting interviews in Blanca Peak and I'd love to talk about
what you worked on in Rocky and / or what you're planning to do in Stein.
I'm especially keen to hear about how new collaborators can join your
project! See you soon!


On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 6:24 PM Rain Leander <rleander at> wrote:

> Hello all!
> I'm attending PTG this week to conduct project interviews [0]. These
> interviews have several purposes. Please consider all of the following when
> thinking about what you might want to say in your interview:
> * Tell the users/customers/press what you've been working on in Rocky
> * Give them some idea of what's (what might be?) coming in Stein
> * Put a human face on the OpenStack project and encourage new participants
> to join us
> * You're welcome to promote your company's involvement in OpenStack but we
> ask that you avoid any kind of product pitches or job recruitment
> In the interview I'll ask some leading questions and it'll go easier if
> you've given some thought to them ahead of time:
> * Who are you? (Your name, your employer, and the project(s) on which you
> are active.)
> * What did you accomplish in Rocky? (Focus on the 2-3 things that will be
> most interesting to cloud operators)
> * What do you expect to be the focus in Stein? (At the time of your
> interview, it's likely that the meetings will not yet have decided anything
> firm. That's ok.)
> * Anything further about the project(s) you work on or the OpenStack
> community in general.
> Finally, note that there are only 40 interview slots available, so please
> consider coordinating with your project to designate the people that you
> want to represent the project, so that we don't end up with 12 interview
> about Neutron, or whatever. I mean, love me some Neutron, but twelve
> interviews is a bit too many, eh?
> It's fine to have multiple people in one interview - Maximum 3, probably.
> Interview slots are 30 minutes, in which time we hope to capture somewhere
> between 10 and 20 minutes of content. It's fine to run shorter but 15
> minutes is probably an ideal length.
> See you SOON!
> [0]
> --
> K Rain Leander
> OpenStack Community Liaison
> Open Source and Standards Team

K Rain Leander
OpenStack Community Liaison
Open Source and Standards Team
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