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[Openstack] [Openstack-sigs] [all] Bringing the community together (combine the lists!)

On 2018-08-31 01:13:58 +0800 (+0800), Rico Lin wrote:
> What needs to be done for this is full topic categories support
> under `options` page so people get to filter emails properly.

Unfortunately, topic filtering is one of the MM2 features the
Mailman community decided nobody used (or at least not enough to
warrant preserving it in MM3). I do think we need to be consistent
about tagging subjects to make client-side filtering more effective
for people who want that, but if we _do_ want to be able to upgrade
we shouldn't continue to rely on server-side filtering support in
Mailman unless we can somehow work with them to help in
reimplementing it.
Jeremy Stanley
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