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[Openstack] git-review tagging schedule

On 2018-08-22 08:53:26 -0700 (-0700), David van der Bokke wrote:
> We are curious about when the next version of git-review will be tagged so
> that we can create a debian package release for it.  Specifically we want
> to pick up the change in
> before refs/publish is completely removed.

I've redirected this to the openstack-infra at
mailing list where it's more on topic; please continue corresponding
there instead and drop openstack at from any
further replies.

Have the Gerrit maintainers indicated what version will drop support
for the refs/publish path? Or is the urgency more about silencing
the deprecation warning?

Looking at the currently merged commits since 1.26.0, I see some
which are feature additions so we're likely talking about tagging
this as 1.27.0 rather than 1.26.1 (depending on whether dropping the
vestigial -c command line option counts as a reason to make it 2.0.0
instead, but I feel like it's probably not warranted).

Are there other outstanding changes which are important to get into
1.27.0? At a minimum I think we'll want to get and its parent change merged so
that the release note about -c going away will be included in the
release. Anything else?
Jeremy Stanley
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