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[Openstack] [OpenStack][Cinder] Is it valuable to create a distribute block storage backend base on iscsi and lvm?

I'm working on a project, which is a distribute block storage system
base on iscsi and lvm, I hope it could be a backend of cinder. It
exports block devices via iscsi, and aggregate on a host (or computer
node). On the host, mirror is used to provide HA, stripe is used to
provide high performance, thin provision is used to provide snapshot
and thin. Depend on my test, it could provide more than 100k iops for
a single volume. I hope to hear some feedbacks about my project, such
as whether there are duplicate projects, is it valuable to create
such a project or any improvement I could do on it.
Here is the document of the project:
It is in an initialize stage, any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards.