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[Openstack] restore lost files

You donâ??t provide any details, but if you copied the qcow file while the instance was running, you canâ??t be certain that the file is in a consistent state. There might be unflushed data in the instance buffer cache and in the host buffer cache.

Did you consider instance snapshots?

What do you get from guestmount -i?


> On Jul 28, 2018, at 19:53, Lior Fellus <felluslior at> wrote:
> Hi 
> i am using Mirantis OpenStack mitaka.
> the OS volume of every instance are stored in /var/lib/nova/instances as qcow files.
> the volumes i used as storage disk are nfs on my EMC.
> i am backing up those volumes to another server.
> i have to restore files from one volume i have in backup server.
> i tried to mount this volume with guestmount to my ubuntu pc but fs is not recognise.
> any suggestions would be appriciate
> Regards
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