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[Openstack] URGENT - Live migration error DestinationDiskExists

I assume /var/lib/nova/ uses shared storage and is mounted on the  
compute node(s)? It sounds like the directory already existed before  
it was configured to use shared storage or something. I believe I had  
a similar issue some time ago, I can't remember every detail, but  
although I believed that /var/lib/nova was mounted it actually was  
not. So make sure your configuration is correct, maybe delete the  
respective directory. Since you are using ceph as backend there isn't  
any data except a console.log file in that directory, so it should be  
safe. But you'll have to double check that before deleting anything,  
of course!


Zitat von Satish Patel <satish.txt at>:

> I am using PIKE 16.0.15 version and seeing following error during live
> migration, I am using Ceph storage for shared storage. any idea what
> is going on ?
> 2018-07-25 13:15:00.773 52312 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server
> DestinationDiskExists: The supplied disk path
> (/var/lib/nova/instances/5f56bc2b-74c8-47c1-834c-00796fafe6ae) already
> exists, it is expected not to exist.
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